Shrimp: Md - $7 Lg - $8

Seafood: Md - $8 Lg - $9

Chicken: Md - $6 Lg - $7

Vegetarian: Md - $5 Lg - $6

Tom Yum (Hot and Sour): Lao-Thai hot and sour soup in a light, spicy sauce with lemon grass, galangal ginger, onion, bell pepper, tomatoes, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, fresh mushrooms, and your choice of above. (Add $1 for rice noodles)

Tom Kar (Coconut): Delicious soup with coconut milk, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers,  galangal ginger, lime juice, and your choice of above

Clear Noodle: Delicious clear soup broth with clear noodles, onions, scallions, napa cabbage, and your choice of above

Pho Beef: Beef broth with rice noodles served with bean sprouts, basil, lime, and hot peppers on the side

- Reg $8 Lg $9

Wonton Soup: Ground pork and shrimp wrapped in wonton, served in broth 

- Reg $8 Lg $9